ISBNPA Webinar SIG Cancer Prevention and Management: Food, nutrition and colorectal cancer progression

Start Date: 03/27/2017
End Date: 03/27/2017
Place: Zoom Webinar
Organization: ISBNPA SIG Cancer Prevention and Management

When: March 27, 2017
Time: 07:00 EST (which means 12:00 noon GMT & 22:00 AEDT Melbourne Time)
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SIG name

Cancer Prevention and Management


Provisional Title of webinar

Food, nutrition and colorectal cancer progression



SIG Chair (name, affiliation, e-mail)

Chair: Annie Anderson

University of Dundee, Scotland

Speakers (names, affiliations, e-mails)

Ellen Kampman

Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Webinar moderator (name, affiliation, e-mail)

Erica James

University of Newcastle, NSW Australia

Abstract (100-200 words)

Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancers globally and the main type of cancer related to modifiable lifestyle factors. Depending on the population, it is estimated that about 50 to 60% of colorectal cancer could be prevented with a healthy diet, sufficient physical activity and a healthy body weight.

Survival of colorectal cancer is mostly depending on stage at diagnosis. For early stages at diagnosis, however, lifestyle may also be related to progression of the disease. In contrast to the extensive knowledge on the role of food and nutrition in the aetiology of colorectal cancer, much less is known about the role of diet during and after treatment of colorectal cancer. Evidence-based lifestyle recommendations are necessary for the increasing number of colorectal cancer survivors, since these survivors may show a major interest in adjusting their usual habits.

Few prospective studies reported on factors associated with colorectal cancer recurrence and survival, while those studies were often hampered by the fact that dietary assessment was only retrospective, that patient groups were small and heterogeneous, or that other prognostic factors were not taken into account. Several large prospective studies are currently ongoing in different countries assessing dietary habits before diagnosis, at diagnosis, during and after treatment to further explore the association between nutrition and colorectal cancer prognosis, survival and quality of life.

This webinar will focus on the potential role of food and nutrition in colorectal cancer recurrence and survival. It will discuss the current evidence and the ongoing studies.

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