ISBNPA 2017 Satellite Meeting – Implementation of Physical Activity programs at-Scale: The Why and How of it

Start Date: 06/05/2017
End Date: 06/05/2017
Place: Vancouver
Organization: Active Aging, BC

Implementation of Physical Activity programs at-Scale: The Why and How of it

A half-day workshop to study and discuss physical activity interventions at scale across setting and populations.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Monday 5 June 2017 
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There is a gap between what is known from small-scale research studies and what is implemented at scale— the ‘know-do gap’. Most research studies within an academic paradigm generate data that demonstrate efficacy in volunteers and selected samples. However, to achieve widespread public health benefits, it is essential to identify factors and processes that are in place to implement and deliver evidence-based interventions at scale. In response, an area of research has emerged that relates to evaluating how best to scale-up smaller programs or effective health innovations so that they have impact at the population level. 
At this half-day satellite meeting, participants will: (1) discuss frameworks for delivering physical activity interventions at scale; (2) Learn about real-world examples of delivering physical activity interventions at scale across different populations (from young to old) and settings (schools and community); and (3) discuss pragmatic issues and processes related to evaluating interventions implemented at scale. 

Registration and schedule details 

DATE: Monday 5 June 2017
LOCATION: The Centre for Hip Health and Mobility, Vancouver General Hospital Campus, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
PARTICIPANTS:  career researchers, trainees, and practitioners who are interested in delivering effective physical activity interventions at scale to improve health and well-being across populations and settings.
CONTENT: This workshop includes presentations and facilitated world café-style discussions. Participants will receive pre-workshop ‘homework’ questions to prepare them to be active participants in the workshop.
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Presentation Topics:

 Setting the stage for effective implementation.
SPEAKER: Dr. Heather McKay University of British Columbia
Creating Impact. What are the essential elements for implementation at scale?
SPEAKER: Dr. Adrian Bauman, University of Sydney
Where is the evidence? Are there effective strategies to implement physical activity policies and practice at scale in educational settings? How do we progress the field?  SPEAKER: Dr. Luke Wolfenden, University of Newcastle
It starts with our children. A whole of school PA and healthy eating model 
SPEAKER:  Dr. Patti-Jean Naylor, University of Victoria    
It’s never too late! Choose to Move – Delivering a choice and partner-based PA model at scale to impact the physical activity and health of older. 
SPEAKER: Dr. Joanie Sims-Gould, University of British Columbia
COST: There is a fee for the workshop, which includes two meals.
ISBNPA Member: $100
Non-member: $115
Trainee: $75
Professor Adrian Bauman, University of Sydney, Australia
Professor Heather McKay, University of British Columbia, Canada
Professor Patti-Jean (PJ) Naylor, University of Victoria, Canada
Dr Joanie Sims-Gould, University of British Columbia, Canada 
Dr Luke Wolfenden, University of Newcastle, Australia 
CONTACT: [email protected]  
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